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a platform for development and distribution of scientific software

The lmonade project aims to provide infrastructure and tools to foster code sharing and openness in scientific software development by

  • simplifying the tasks of distributing software with its dependencies,
  • ensuring that it can be built on different platforms, and
  • making sure the software is compatible across new releases of its dependencies.

This is achieved through

  • a light-weight meta distribution which can be installed by a user without administrative rights, and
  • access to a continuous integration infrastructure to detect compatibility problems between new versions of packages automatically and warn authors.

lmonade distribution

In order to create a uniform environment for software development where latest versions of scientific libraries can be found easily, lmonade maintains a customizable distribution of scientific software which can be installed without administrative rights on a GNU/Linux or OSX host. Building on the Gentoo Linux distribution and the Gentoo Prefix project, the distribution has over 800 packages combining scientific software packages from gentoo upstream as well as sage-on-gentoo and gentoo-science overlays.

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